Summer is right around the corner and with it comes the heat. For this reason, it is important for everyone to take steps to keep their air conditioning working well. Many people take their air conditioning for granted and don’t think about what might happen if it goes out. Often, people don’t even think about the air conditioning at all until they start to hear strange noises or smell funky odours coming from it. At this point, it is simply too late.

Because of this, everyone should take the time to think about their air conditioning ahead of time. With a few simple steps, it is possible to minimize the chances of something going wrong with the air conditioning. Furthermore, this can also help people save a lot of money on potential air conditioning repairs. With this in mind, what are a few simple tips suggested by credible Air Conditioning Contractors that people can follow to keep their air conditioning in good working order?

Put the Thermostat on Automatic

One of the easiest steps that everyone can take to ensure their air conditioning is working well is to put the thermostat on automatic. The thermostat plays an important role when it comes to air conditioning because it tells the unit when to turn on and off. By turning the thermostat on automatic, people can make sure they run the air conditioning only when it is actually needed.

For example, some people might set the thermostat to 70 degrees, only letting the air conditioning turn on when it gets above this point. In other cases, people might decide to set the thermostat higher or lower. By using a thermostat, people ensure that they do not leave the air conditioning running. Instead of trying to remember to turn the air conditioning off, use an automatic thermostat. This can make a big difference.

Clean the Condenser Coil

The condenser coil plays a critical role in cooling the air and removing the heat as it enters the air conditioning. Often, people forget to clean the condenser coil because they simply don’t realize this is an important part of the air conditioning unit. If the condenser coil is dirty, the air is not going to be cooled efficiently.

Furthermore, those who don’t clean the condenser coil force the air conditioning unit to work harder. With less exposure to the air (due to dirt and grime on the condenser coil), the unit is going to have to work harder to cool the air. This is going to drive up the electricity bill, leaving people wondering what is happening. Eventually, the air conditioning unit might break entirely. For those who have questions, it is a good idea to reach out to a professional air conditioning contractor for help.

Check the Refrigerant Level

One of the most important parts of any air conditioning unit is the refrigerant. Many homeowners forget to check the refrigerant level; however, without any refrigerant, the air conditioning unit is not going to work properly. Every once in a while, it is a good idea to have an Air Conditioning Contractor open up the air conditioning unit and check the refrigerant level. If it needs to be topped off, then go ahead and do this. This will keep the air conditioning unit working efficiently, keeping any utility bills low.

Take Advantage of a Programmable Thermostat

One of the most important steps that people can take to keep the air conditioning unit in good working order is to use a programmable thermostat. This is a thermostat that can be set to turn on and off at different temperatures at different times of the day. For example, if there isn’t going to be anyone at home in the middle of the day during the week, then set the air conditioning to turn off during this time no matter what. The same can be said if people aren’t worried about getting hot while they sleep at night.

Then, when people are home during the day, they can be more liberal with the air conditioning unit. For example, they might set the air conditioning unit to turn on at 68 degrees during the times of day when people are home. Some thermostats can even be broken up for different days of the week. This is a great way to save money on utility bills while also conserving energy when it comes to the air conditioning unit.

Clean the Air Filters

One of the most important steps recommended by Air Conditioning Contractors is that anyone can keep the air conditioning unit in good working order is to clean the air filters periodically. Air filters are responsible for removing dust and debris as the air gets sucked into the air conditioning unit. These filters can sometimes get dirty as they collect dust and debris on the surface. This makes it harder for air to enter the air conditioning unit, forcing it to work harder. This will drive up utility bills because the air conditioning unit is using more energy.

To prevent this from happening, check the air filters every once in a while and make sure to clean them well. This will also extend the life of the air filters as well as the air conditioning unit.

Replace the Air Filters Periodically

Simply cleaning the air filters is not going to be enough. Eventually, it will be time to replace them. Once the air filters have been cleaned several times, think about replacing them entirely. The more times the air filters are cleaned, the less efficient they are going to be. Therefore, think about replacing them after they have been cleaned a few times. This can make a huge difference in the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.

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